Let's Try! - This is for you

 Let's Try! - This is for you


Recently 3rd Grade students have been learning about shapes. They have also been learning how to ask and respond to 'what do you want?'. 

Today after doing some activities and textbook work students played GO FISH.

The aim of the game is to get matching pairs of cards. In this version students used different colored shapes. They asked their friends for the card they wanted. If their friend didn't have the card, they would say 'GO FISH' and take a card from the pile.

Students had a lot of fun playing this game while using English.



今日は、アクティビティと教科書の学習をした後、GO FISHを行いました。

このゲームの目的は、カードのペアを一致させることです。このバージョンでは、生徒たちは異なる色の図形を使用しました。生徒たちは、自分の欲しいカードを友達に頼みます。もし、友達がそのカードを持っていなかったら、「GO FISH」と言って、山から1枚カードを取ります。




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